Sherman L. Mays

Sherman L. Mays was born in Southern California and raised in the agricultural area of the Northern Sacramento Valley where hunting the canals and rice fields with a single shot Winchester bolt action rifle brought about the love of guns and hunting.

Visitors will likely hear Sherman explain his cluttered work space is organized chaos, but he knows where most everything is. His three ring binders full of tracings of checkering on shotguns and rifles reflect a long history of his interest, and ability to duplicate factory checkering on many makes, models and grades of firearms he has come across.

An active supporter of new shooters, he is a constant fixture at SCTP, NSSA and ATA AIM competitions, offering assistance on stock fitting and modifications.

Sherman lives in South Central Tennessee and having retired several years ago, he continues crafting gun stocks and creating elaborate checkering patterns in his small shop.

Stock Work for the Beginner
by Sherman L. Mays
ISBN# 978-0-578-16581-3

A Book of Checkering for the Beginner
by Sherman L. Mays
ISBN# 978-0-615-24644-4