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.50 M2 Browning Machine Gun Book
ISBN# 9781955611992
ISBN# 0578165813
ISBN# 0615246443
Book about firearms headspace
Book to explain firearms headspace so anyone can understand the principles.

ISBN# 098315984

Book, How to chamber rifles accurately.
Book by two experts tells you how to chamber rifles for the best results.

ISBN# 0983159858

Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Guages - A Primer
Book for anyone learning about gunsmithing.

ISBN# 0983159866

Book about how to headspace Ackley Wildcats
Never Guess when you can know how to do it.

ISBN# 0983159831

Reloading Manual for Wildcats
Hawk Cartridges are a line of wildcats. 10 years of load development and methods are
recorded in this manual, much of the data is pressure tested.
ISBN # 0983159807