Print Publications

.50 M2 Browning Machine Gun Book
ISBN# 9781955611992
An excellent book for anyone learning how to make, shape or finish a stock for a rifle or shotgun.

ISBN# 0578165813
Learn checkering from an expert. It’s like having Sherman stand at your shoulder and guide you through the process.

ISBN# 0615246443
Book about firearms headspace
Book to explain firearms headspace so anyone can understand the principles.

ISBN# 098315984

Book, How to chamber rifles accurately.
Book by two experts; tells you how to chamber rifles for the best results.

ISBN# 0983159858

Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Guages - A Primer
Book for anyone learning about gunsmithing.

ISBN# 0983159866

Book about how to headspace Ackley Wildcats
Never Guess when you can know how to do it. All cartridge types are clearly explained so headspace will always be correct.

ISBN# 0983159831

Reprint of Stuart Otteson’s Classic title. Stuart supplied us with the original art work from his book, so we were able to scan an prepare new images that are in many cases better than the original publication.

ISBN# 9871955611039

Reloading Manual for Wildcats
Hawk Cartridges are a line of wildcats. 10 years of load development and methods are
recorded in this manual, much of the data is pressure tested.
ISBN # 0983159807