Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series

Current Handbook Titles Include:

Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Guages - A Primer
All too often students of a craft become complacent, they believe they have mastered the craft and stop seeking new knowledge.  Such people loose out on the opportunity to truly refine their skills and knowledge base.
Because this book is a “Primer” some would assume it is only for the novice.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is a wealth of knowledge about gunsmithing tools in this book.  Beyond teaching the reader how and why a wide variety of specialty tools work.  The book contains many charts filled with useful dimensions.
Many of the tips included  in this discussion of tooling would take years attending the “School of Hard Knocks” to acquire.  Save yourself years of wasted time and money.  Read this Primer.

Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Gauges – A Primer
by Fred Zeglin
ISBN# 978-0-9831598-6-5

Book about firearms headspace
Reloaders and Gunsmiths alike will benefit from the book.  It will enhance your understanding of how ammunition and the chamber in the firearm come together to function safely. Many Gunsmiths and Shooters barely understand headspace.  We are luck that brass is a forgiving medium that saves many a person from their own lack of knowledge. 
A clear understanding of headspace in firearms will increase accuracy of your reloads and improve the longevity of your firearms. Not to mention; make your reloads and your firearms more reliable.
This book provides a clear and concise explanation of the tools and methods used to correctly headspace firearms and ammunition.  Headspace is not magical or mystical as some writers would have you believe.  It is a quantifiable and precise measurement that anyone can learn to utilize correctly.

Understanding Headspace for Firearms
by Fred Zeglin
ISBN# 978-0-9831598-4-1

Book about how to headspace Ackley Wildcats
One of the most abused and mistreated subjects in gunsmithing is the proper headspace of Ackley Improved cartridges.
Ackley did establish what we would call “standard dimensions” for his cartridge.  Then he spent and entire career sharing the information with the public, gunsmiths and all the tool makers in the industry.  Somehow people still do not seem to be able to locate this information.
In this book all the information you need to work with any Ackley wildcat or Improved cartridge is collated into a convenient reference. If you gunsmith for a hobby or for a living, it is likely you will work with one of the cartridges at some point.  Really probably a lot more than once, so understanding them and how to chamber and headspace is valuable information.  If you plan to wildcat cartridges, this  information provides the jumping off point you need.

Chambering For Ackley Cartridges
by Fred Zeglin
ISBN# 978-0-9831598-3-4

Book, How to chamber rifles accurately.
Gordy Gritters and Fred Zeglin together have about eighty years building custom rifles.  In this book you get lessons for building hunting guns.  Installing barrels, chambering and rechambering.  There are two primary markets for custom gunsmiths installing barrels.  For this reason there are two parts to this book.  The first is for the bread and butter work of hunting guns.  In this market folks want accurate guns that shoot under one minute of angle (MOA).
The second market is Bench Rest and long range shooting.  The customers in this market are willing to pull out all the stops to get the tiniest groups possible.  So part two of the book goes into everything you need to know to serve such demanding client.  This is two complete college courses in gunsmithing in one book. 

Chambering Rifles for Accuracy
by Gordy Gritters & Fred Zeglin

ISBN# 978-0-9831598-5-8