Hawk Cartridges

Hawk Cartridges Manual
by Fred Zeglin
ISBN# 978-0-9831598-03

This reloading manual is specifically for the Hawk line of wildcat cartridges.

The Author spent over 10 years collecting data while developing this complete line of cartridges. Everything from prairie dogs to bull moose are in spectrum for Hawk Cartridges. They deliver nearly as much velocity and knockdown power and with less recoil than their factory magnum competitors.

Fred Zeglin said of the Hawk Manual, “In 1996 when I started working with this line of cartridges if you had told me I would be producing a loading Manual for them I would have probably laughed. However, the popularity that Hawk Cartridges have achieved is no laughing matter. I am proud of these designs and the data we are providing in this manual. There is a cartridge here for most any hunter, from varmints to the largest big game.”

Quality Cartridge makes headstamped brass for Hawk Cartridges. Many of them have been featured in the Gun Digest publication, “Cartridges of the World”. They have been featured in several books about wildcats and reloading, not to mention numerous magazine articles.  The manual contains several articles that will be of interest to anyone interested in this line of wildcats.